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by lsdalka_mousias

In the 130-year history of the automobile, there is only one car that can be associated with both pig farmers and Queen Elizabeth. Forget Volkswagen, the Land Rover Defender is the true “people’s car.” With pragmatic sensibilities and no-nonsense styling that appeals to pretty much everyone, everywhere, the Defender can be found right the way from Sunset Strip to your local gravel pit.

If you want to buy one today, you can choose to pay almost $100,000 for the special “Autobiography” edition, or you can grab a secondhand one for as little as four or five thousand bucks. Really, this is a club that anyone can afford to join.

Yet, despite this, in December this year the Defender is due to retire after 67 years of continual service – that’s half the time the modern car has been in existence. So, as a fond farewell, here are eight reasons why the Land Rover Defender is the greatest 4×4 in history…